1k 1hr

This page is a permanent page to explain #1k1hr on Twitter. I figure it will be easier to have a permanent page to refer to rather than trying to explain in 140 character bursts on twitter.

1k1hr (or alternatively 1hr1k) is 1,000 words AND one hour of writing. It’s a derivative of the 30/500 rule by my friend, Scott William Carter.

It has become one of my most useful tools in writing.

The object is simple. Sit down and write until you have one thousand words and one hour has passed. You have to accomplish both. The challenge isn’t to write 1,000 words in an hour. It’s to write for at least an hour and at least 1,000 words.

I do this while on twitter. I just started doing that for an accountability.

Here’s what it is:
A challenge to yourself to get words on the page.

Here’s what it is not:
A race to see who gets to 1,000 words first.
A race to get 1,000 words done in an hour.

The only ‘win’ involved in this is words on the page.

The nice thing about #1k1hr is 1,000 words in an hour is a good pace for me. I try to accomplish both at the same time. Some people finish their 1000 words in 30 minutes. Great! Now keep writing for that hour! If you don’t finish 1000 words in an hour, keep writing. I’ve taken as long as 85 minutes.(Yes, I keep track of writing days, word count, and time spent at keyboard.)

When does it happen?
Anytime. It’s a personal challenge that I do, but it’s starting to get some regulars on twitter, like Tawna Fenske. I announce when I do it, usually with about a 5 minute warning.

Anyone can start. You can do it offline. You can ask me on twitter if I want to join you. I usually do it after 8:00pm EST on Friday or sometimes weekdays.

Anyone can play. You can craft your own version of it. Make your own hashtag. What ever helps you get words on the page. Join me. Don’t join me. Try to distract me with links to youtube videos of cute kittens while I am writing. I don’t care. It’s my way of getting the writing done, shutting off the internal editor, and not being distracted by the internet by making the internet part of my writing process.

My goal is get to the point where I do this once a day. Actually, I’d like to get to three to five times per day or more, but any is good.

If you’re here reading this for the first time, we’re probably about to start, so get your story open and your timer ready. Set? Go!

9 Responses to “1k 1hr”

  1. Janelle says:

    :o) I had fun with the 1k1hr last night! I’ve been not writing for way too long and this worked really well getting me back in the groove of writing! I’ve been at a particularly tough transition to the end of my wip, and this was just what I needed to get through that in one piece! I didn’t quite get to the 1k words, but I did write, and I went back later and wrote more. Anyway, I’ll be watching you and Tawna for another one! And who knows? Maybe I’ll even start one!! :o)

    (btw, I wasn’t going to comment until later but the captcha word was “kitten”, and I felt compelled to tell you!) ;o)

  2. You know, I understand completely that it’s not a race, and yet, the accomplishing of the #1K1HR thing WITH people allows my competitive side to override my editorial side (my internal editor is crazy slow) so that I may actually work at that pace. So sometimes I pretend.

  3. This is the first time I have heard about this but I am so in. And you have a new admirer. Don’t worry I am not stalker scary, just snarky. Sometimes.

  4. Patty Blount says:

    What a great idea!

    I’ll have to try this. I’ve written exactly one sentence of new work this week. *sighs* True, it’s a helluva good sentence. But still…

  5. Tawna Fenske says:

    Wait a minute. How on earth do you know Scott? Aren’t you from Florida? Scott and I went to high school together. Small freakin’ world.


  6. Tawna Fenske says:

    BTW, this 1K 1hr thing has totally been my savior lately. My word counts would be crap without it!


  7. Patrick says:

    Yay Janelle!

    Elizabeth, don’t tell anyone, but I am secretly trying to beat you.

    Kelly, there’s much to admire about me, so I completely understand. I admire me, too.

    Patty, do this and write some bad sentences. You can spank them later.

    Tawna, Scott and I do not know each other from Earth.

  8. I never used to have a problem making myself get 1000 words down, but it\’s easy to let myself float between distractions. I did the 1k1hr today for the first time and got a LOT done. Love it, and will be doing this often.

  9. Jessie Mac says:

    It seems I’m doing this already without knowing that there are others in a group doing this. I try for 1000 words every day. Sometimes it takes an hour, sometimes less.

    I found this page after Patty Blount – I see she’s left a comment here – sent me this way via one of her comments on my blog.

    It’s good to know there are others out there and now I have a new hashtag to write down when I’ve done my 1000 words.

    Thanks for the post, Patrick.