The Importance of Attitude

One of my daily reads is Tawna Fenske’s blog. I was thinking about her blog this morning as I was dancing around my kitchen cooking bacon and pancakes for the family while singing Bruno Mars’ Grenade.

Part of the reason I thought about it was this post where her ‘friend’ was doing something similar, but probably not dancing or singing as well as I do, I suppose.

I suspect people assume I was joking when I commented that I always sing while preparing breakfast. I assure you, I was not.

This speaks to the reason I read Tawna pretty close to daily. Attitude. With her online persona, she’s always perky and upbeat. I mean horny. Well, perky.

I’m thinking about attitude a lot lately. Mostly my own, as I have been at war with intergalactic aliens. Not the pansy aliens from this galaxy. These are some bad ass aliens from another galaxy. I’ve been trying to get the battle robots ready to save us. I think my preoccupation with intergalactic insurgents may be spilling over into my attitude in ways that people notice.

If you’ve noticed, I am sorry. I’m trying. I really am trying to get the robots working. I think the monster I’ve created might be the key.

This is going long. Here’s a picture of my cat.

I’m also thinking about attitude in the recent pissing contest between Joe Konrath and Chuck Wendig.

That one is interesting. It’s funny. I’ve been watching a lot of Bully Beatdown on MTV lately(turned on to the show by the sweetest Romance Author that you wouldn’t expect to enjoy watching a good ass kicking) You can find episodes on Youtube. This one is great.

The thing you hear over and over from the bullies is that they think they are helping the people they bully.

In this instance, I suspect Joe very much WANTS traditional publishing to be better than self-publishing, but his tone is that of a bully. And bullies have friends. They have emulators who just bully without the intention of doing it out desire to help.

Bullying traditional publishers to get great contracts for authors is a good thing. Bullying people who choose to take those contracts, I think is where some people draw the line. It may be well intentioned, but it is bullying.

But does it matter? Does it really matter?

In terms of how it relates to book sales? I’m on the fence on this one. I’m drifting into the great marketing debate now. I really hope you didn’t expect me to stay on a topic or form a coherent thought.

Here’s the weird thing. On the one hand, I think Tawna’s blog has been an amazing tool in marketing and promotion and did a great job in bringing a lot of publicity and awareness of her traditionally published book.

On the other hand, I’ve been hearing from lots of self-published authors with multiple pen names that their pen name that they just have one book and don’t even have a website set up for that name and haven’t linked it to any of their other pen names are the books that sell the best for them. Every month.

I actually had this conversation with Brenda Novak, who is well known for a charity drive that she runs.

The thing about promotion and marketing is what you do. Tawna talks a lot about being a romance author as it is part of her life, but she rarely says find my book on Amazon. Or, HEY LOOK IT’S ONLY $2.99 this week.

I guess the thing that surprised me was Brenda when she said she really didn’t get much crossover of readers who know her from her diabetes work. Of course, my thought is how can she be so sure.

Did you read this far? I have to go do something about the monster that I created. I leave you with this. Sorry, the pancakes and bacon is already gone.

One Response to “The Importance of Attitude”

  1. Harley says:

    I like this post a lot, Patrick Alan. You make a lot of great points and am thankful you wrote it.

    Miss seeing you on twitter. Sometimes I don’t reply to you, but it isn’t because I don’t want to, it’s more because you just say something perverted and I work twice as much now that I’ve left Florida so my time is limited.

    When I was a child I lived by pervert things but now that I’m grown I don’t.

    That’s from the Bible. Yup.