Sometimes I Wonder

I’m not helpful. I read blogs and tweets and loops and forums and all that fun stuff.

Then I comment.

Sometimes I read some heartfelt outpouring of pain and release of sorrow that makes me want to hug the person and feed them pancakes in a bubble bath next to a wine fountain.

Then I start to write a comment and nothing really compares to the thought of pancakes. What can I really say that would convey the joy of pancakes? I understand the pain I read and the usefulness of a wine fountain. Except I don’t drink, so it’s mostly for show. But I did have a champagne sorbet the other day. I think it was non-alcoholic. I wasn’t driving anyway. Plus I had just won a round of mini-golf. Not saying that a nine year old isn’t fierce competition, but I crushed him!!

Where was I? Golfing. No.

I always want to say something. I’ve always been a much better commenter than blogger. But this pain…. There’s nothing I can say to make it go away. So I approach this the way I approach everything. Children are incapable of crying when they are held upside down. It’s a fact. It is the best piece of parenting advice I can give. It’s the same way I approach heart wrenching blogs.

Now the thing is, it looks cruel to hold a child upside down until they stop crying and start laughing. Sometimes they freak for a second.

Anyway, sometimes when I comment on someone’s blog or Facebook or Tweet, I wonder if someone just sees me grabbing a crying child and holding them upside down and thinks I am… well, what am I?

2 Responses to “Sometimes I Wonder”

  1. Sara says:

    So, the captcha I had to enter pretty much describes how I feel about this blog. It read in capital pink letters:


    You may think you’re bad at blogging, but I think you’ve got great points. So, therefore the thought of a 19 year old should cease any self-conscious doubts you are having.

  2. Jen Stayrook says:

    I like to pretend to drop my kid when he’s crying. He thinks it’s hilarious. Until the time I did drop him. In the supermarket. Women were sobbing. Kid was sobbing. I was stunned. Someone called CPS and I was all, “No, look, he laughs! See!” Except I dropped him again.

    This is kind of like that. Without the pancakes.