Separation of Mind and Body

My older, taller, fatter brother posted on Facebook that he is running to get in shape. He ran farther and faster than I do, if you can even call what I do running. My 9 year old has running club today and they have a goal of running 3.1 miles (a 5K) by the end of the semester.

I’m not saying I am competitive, but seriously, these are two people who should not be in better shape than I am. So I increased my speed and doubled my distance that I have been running today.

At my advanced age, a top heart rate of 190 is probably considered high, but it dropped 40 points in less than two minutes after my run.

When I run, I listen to my headphones pretty loud. I’ve talked about how I feel when I run.

In the last 3 minutes of this run, I was struggling. As a disclaimer, I run on a treadmill with the overhead fan on high. A low rumble echoed through my headphones.

I’ll tell ya, Korn is badass for a running beat that gets you going.

A lonely life – where no one understands you. But don’t give up, because the music do

There’s a point in my running where my mind separates from my body and I don’t feel a thing. Endorphins, I’m sure. For the last six weeks, my stomach has been a complete wreck because of antibiotics I took for a tooth infection. Even yogurt wasn’t helping. Last week, I finally went to the doctor at my wife’s insistence. Me going to the doctor is about as rare as me putting dishes directly into the dishwasher and not the sink.

This is not to mention that my shoulder and neck have been ranging from mild to excruciating pain over the past year. Four months ago I started running and pulled both my calve muscles bad. Real bad.

Hey you, hey you. Finally you get it. The world ain’t fair, eat you if you let it.

And I ran. And I heard the gun go off for the gun lap.

Because the music do, and then it’s reaching. Inside you, forever preaching. F— you, too. Your scream’s a whisper

The endorphins leave me with that feeling of being able to do anything. Today I can conquer the world. Today I want to write. Today I am going to laugh. Today I am going to do my job. Today I am going to clean my house. Today I am going to mow the law.

Today I am being ridiculous. Likely tomorrow I’ll pull a hamstring or twist my ankle or get the flu. So my euphoria is tempered.

Hey you, hey you, this won’t hurt a bit

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