This past Friday my son had the end of summer play for the drama camp he was attending.

As much as I want him to be interested in baseball, football, and soccer, he loves acting. I think that is half of being a parent – exposing your child to all the different things that they could do and then seeing which ones they really really like and then encouraging them. I mean, he really takes to acting. I don’t know if he’s talented at it or not. Seems to be to me, but I’m just a parent watching.

I don’t know. It’s just fun to watch him grow. And since I am just here talking about how awesome my son is, I mention his piano playing from time to time. This is what I listen to him practicing in the house.


It’s Monday and I think my kid is pretty awesome. That’s the kind of day I am having. This really should be some sort of motivational post, like LIFE IS ABOUT FINDING WHAT YOU LOVE AND THE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO IT, but you know, it’s just me posting pictures and videos of the most awesomest child in the world. So, it would be silly to try to find some deeper meaning in this post other than HEY LOOK AT MY KID!

I’m sorry this post was not about Kristen.

Incidentally, the play was the Tortoise and the Hare. He was the Hare, which isn’t really him. He’s built like the Hare, but thinks like the Tortoise. I’m the Hare. That’s probably pretty obvious by now. Hakuna Matata.

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  1. So the next post will be about me then?

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